Ngar Massacre: God Is Not With Us In this Nation Any More – Dr Nick Ngwanyam

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam has added his voice to several others that have criticised the killing of men, women and children in Ngar, Donga Mantung days back by soldiers.

“The logic of war on the part of the government and the logic of Odeshi on the part of the fighters” he says “are all leading unto death”.

“God is not with us in this nation any more. The sooner we do what is Right Just and Good in the sight of the Lord we shall see Peace. We are under the yoke of Satan and what we see are his results” he goes on, adding that “Until we all turn to God in This nation we shall have more trauma in all shades and colours because where there is no wisdom death recides”.

Reiterating that a solution to the Anglophone crisis is a confederation, Dr Nick says “I condemned Special Status as best as I could when we all knew the empty contents”.

To him, ” the ‘country’ and the government should seek to win the peace and not the war. It is the question of taking turns and in this ‘dogs of war’ era’ sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted”.

Citing the ‘problem tree’, Dr Nick advises that the problem be solved from the roots.

“It is obvious that when we run away from the truth and Love; and choose to be dealing with the heavy part of solving problems nothing will work. It is a principle and a natural law” he says.

Despite the many reactions to the Ngar massacre, government has maintained a suspicious silence. Prior to the incident, it had always maintained that soldiers exercise their duties with professionalism.


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