Nigeria moves to ease visa acquisition process for Africans

Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari has promised to ease the visa acquisition process for Africans.

The Nigerian statesman made the announcement at a peace and development summit in Egypt. In a tweet, Buhari stated that “in January 2020, we will commence issuance of visas at the point of entry into Nigeria, to all persons holding passports of African countries”.

While there are no details known about the plan, it is expected to boost the economy of the continent’s most populated nation as well as that of other African States.

The move has been received with mixed reactions. While some say it will in no way help the country of it’s not reciprocated by other nations, others believe it will increase the myriad of security challenges Nigeria is already facing.
“What an irony. This regime is granting freedom of movement for other Africans into the country, yet our own citizens don’t have the freedom to move within the country. Human rights are being denied, rule of law thrown to the gutters” one response to the tweet read.
“Dictator general. Let’s hope your brothers the fulani herdsmen from Kenya, Somalia, and those from Francophone countries do not take the advantage and flood into nigeria. Should they do so, please settle them at the north, any of them that crosses south will be treated as a Boko Haram,” wrote another.
Some believe there should be no excitement yet until the move materializes.
“You merely just announced! I cannot count with the tip of my fingers how many projects you have executed just by mere announcement this year. Be kind enough to also announce the arrival of the year 2020 to us,” a Nigerian reacted on twitter.

According to the Quartz news site, “if it comes into effect it would be a major boom for the continent-wide and ensure freer movement of Africans”.

The 27th largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, Nigeria is also the 22nd largest nation in terms of purchasing power parity.

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