No Presidential clemency for separatist leaders – President Paul Biya.

«The sentencing of separatist leaders will not disturb the dialogue process ».
A statement from President Paul Biya while addressing the nation Tuesday, September 10 2019.

To him, granting clemency will mean encouraging terrorism and barbaric behavior not only in the Anglophone regions but the rest of the country.
The president says “propagandist of secessionists has tried to present the recent court decisions taken against a number of compatriots in the context of this crisis as an obstacle to the dialogue envisaged”.

The president holds firmly that the respect of the rule of law and the fight against impunity are pillars in consolidating a nation ruled by the law and not anarchy.

By implication, President Paul Biya thinks granting clemency will in other words mean accepting to kidnappings, burnings, maiming, murder and all sort, which he refers to as “criminal activities committed by those recently sentenced by the military court”.

Besides this, the President has staths that there are possibilities of pardon under certain conditions. He is of the opinion that, fighters in the bushes in the North West and South West regions who will voluntarily lay down their arms will be integrated in centres of the disarmament demobilization and reintegration committe with all the advantages of the centres enjoyed while those who will turn down the offer will face the wrath of the military.

This has shattered aspirations of most people in the anglophone regions of Cameunderwho expected a presidential pardon for Ayuk Tabe Julius Sisiku and Co. “Paul Biya has worsened everything. Our hopes have been shattered. God why?” said a resident in the restive region who expected Paul Biya to propose concrete and genuine solutions to the crisis.

To the people, the leaders sentenced recently are indispensable members to take part in any dialogue process called by the president of the republic by the end of this month.
The national soverign dialogue to start by the end of September according to the head of will involve everyone one at home and abroad.

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