«No to military crackdown in the Anglophone regions, Ambazonia boys drop your arms» Ngala Gerald.

President Paul Biya’s calls for the start of a national dialogue by the end of September 2019 while addressing Cameroonians Tuesday September 10 has continued to trigger reactions from different political class.

To the Donga Mantung 1 Section President of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the North West region of Cameroon, this is a welcomed initiative.

Ngala Gerald in a special program on Equinoxe television explains that a national dialogue as stated by President Paul Biya will first and foremost tackle the Anglophone crisis before addressing other issues affecting national life in Cameroon.

A point of view, Barrister Tamfu Richard militant of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party condemns stating that no meaningful dialogue can take place with the core leaders of the Anglophone leaders still serving life jail terms in Yaounde.

To him, a presidential clemency is necessary for real dialogue to take its course.

Questioned on what he thinks about the president’s threats to crack separatist fighters who will not voluntarily lay their arms, Ngala Gerald says “…I want bloodshed to end in the anglophone regions of Cameroon. I do not accept military crackdown on the population or the fighters but let the ambazonia fighters surrender their weapons and come back to normal life”.

Questioned on why the president did not pardon those in jail, Ngala Gerald said: “the president still has the powers to pardon and could still do that in the days ahead depending on how things evolve”.

To the politician who has been a strong advocate of back to school, no one is benefiting from the unfortunate situation that has been dragging on for so long and organizing a national dialogue is a good step towards lasting peace.

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