Outrage over arrest, detention of medical Doctor in Kumba

The medical core in the conflict-hit North West and south west regions of Cameroon continue to be a target as the anglophone crisis deepens further.

One of such latest victim is Dr Takang Ashu Mbeng of St Johns Hospital Fiango Kumba, arrested since Sunday July 22, 2019 and detained at the Kumba gendarmerie station for unknown reasons.

Dr Takang Ashu Mimi Mefo info learnt, was invited for a drink by his colleague, a lab technician to one of the off -licences in Kumba on Sunday July 22nd, 2019 when the off licence was raided by the Gendarmerie.

Dr Talking and the girl friend of his colleague were transported to the gendarmerie station alongside another guy whom they met, handcuffed in the gendarmerie vehicle . The unknown guys had been arrested from somewhere.

Dr Takang Ashu and the lady duelly identified themselves at the Gendarmerie station and were about being released, when suddenly and officer came in to announced that the guy in handcuffs was death, pinning his death on Dr Takang and the lady.

Some other persons arrested in the course of that raid had gained their freedom except Dr Takang Ashu and the colleague’s girl, whose only crime appear to be the fact that they were transported in the same vehicle with the deceased.

A close source told Mimi Mefo info that the residence of Dr Takang had been searched and nothing incriminating found there, except a gas lighter that has the form of a gun, and a shisha lamp on his bed, which they accuse him of using to entertain gang leaders.

Attempts by Family members to secure his release on bail have been rejected by the gendarmerie in Kumba.

Dr Takang Ashu Mbeng
had been transferred to Ekona in the Fako Division, south West region of Cameroon, but he could not go due to heightened insecurity.

Many have been questioning the role of the medical Council in Cameroon, at a time when medical practitioners victimised parties in the war In the North West and south west regions of the country.

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