PAP decries government crackdown on teachers at colleague’s funeral

The Popular Action Party, PAP has condemned the recent measures used by government forces against teachers in Yaounde yesterday.In a statement on the teachers’ solidarity support for their deceased colleague, PAP says they were brutalised for coming out to decry injustice and poor working conditions in Cameroon.”The Popular Action Party extends their sincere condolences to the parents, friends and relatives of the deceased. We express compassion for the students and teachers directly affected by this tragic incidence,” it reads.The party says like everyone else, it notes “with deep regret, the unacceptable violence which has been meted on thousands of citizens, mainly teachers dressed in (identifiable) gowns, who have come to sympathize with the family of their deceased colleague at the mortuary and beyond”.”The teachers were tortured, brutalized, particularly by the brutal police, humiliated and traumatized by their former students using teargas and police canes on them. We witnessed a desecration of a sacred place (the mortuary), a funeral procession, by the police, and a public humiliation of teachers by the brutal government agents(police),” the statement goes on.”The Popular Action Party also reiterates that government officials at the education sector in Cameroon mastermind increasing violence in schools, ranging from the basic, secondary to higher institutes,” it adds, citing the recent case of violence perpetrated by a D.O. on a Philosophy teacher weeks ago.”It is really pathetic that we are moving to doom but no one seems to be disturbed.
We therefore,call all citizens of Cameroon (lawyers, doctors, drivers, businessmen, the unemployed, amongst others) to join us in our campaign of Building People’s Power to Initiate Political Transition” the party’s statement reads.Following yesterday’s incident, some teachers were reportedly hurt as police disperses them with teargas and water cannons. Government has however maintained silence on the move.Mimi Mefo info

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