Pavel’s Sportsbiz, bringing local sports to the limelight

For over a year now, Cameroonians home and abroad have been able to keep up with sports updates and happenings in the country despite the challenges faced with having access to information. In a rare instance, this has been thanks to Cameroon based news site,

The site that focuses mainly on local sports news in Cameroon then Africa and the world to an extent, is one of Cameroon’s few online news outlets in the country run by trained journalists from ASMAC, one of Cameroon’s top journalism institutions.

According to the creator of the site, it’s main aim is to promote sports in Cameroon, a domain which is not only underreported but also faces a lot of challenges.

In a bid to relate with it’s audiences, Pavel’s Sportsbiz operates on different social media platforms notably Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook, with the main objective being to keep Cameroonians informed on daily sports happenings in the nation and beyond.

“We report it as it happens, guided by the norms of the journalism profession” it’s creator notes.

Already having a large audience of readers and subscribers, is notably one of the very few online platforms in Cameroon that specialises in creating local sporting content in an environment where a lot goes unnoticed in the sporting world.

In the next few months, the site many say will undoubtedly become one of the most read and most reliable sources of sports information in Cameroon and beyond.

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