Pope Francis calls for prayers as National Dialogue kicks off in Yaounde

Pope Francis has called on Christian faithfuls to commit Cameroon in their prayers as national dialogue kicks off tomorrow in Yaounde. Speaking at St Peter Square, the Vatican News says he expressed his closeness to Cameroon that has been plagued by crises for years now.

The Pope expressed his closeness to the “sufferings and hopes of the beloved Cameroonian people”. “Everyone to pray so that this dialogue might be fruitful and
Lead to peace, just and lasting solutions to everyone’s benefit,” the Vatican News stated.

The dialogue set to kick off tomorrow September 30, 2019, is expected to tackle key issues plaguing the country including the armed conflict in the North West and South West regions of the country. It comes after the death of several armed fighters, military men and civilians, as well as the displacement of hundreds of thousands more in and out of the English speaking regions.

Prior to the much talked about dialogue, some of the most prominent proposals received by the Prime Minister in pre dialogue consultations include the discussion of the form of state and the release of all detained in connection with the Anglophone crisis.

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