Popular Action Party’s Fabrice Lena summoned at SED

The national communication secretary of the Popular Action Party (PAP) has been summoned at the State Secretariat for Defence (SED) in Yaounde.

Mr. Lena told Mimi Mefo Info that ” I received a phone call on Friday March 20th from a lady identified as Martine Michelle Nguengji Mangong who works at the department of investigation at SED”.

According to Fabrice Lena,the lady who summoned him has his written convocation but opted to call on phone.

“At the moment, I am discussing with my lawyer to see what to do”He adds.

No reason has been given for the convocation of Fabrice Lena at SED.

He militates in a political party that holds that political transition is the best way to safe Cameroon from the regime of president Paul Biya.

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