Prophet Frank Wraps Up Marathon campaign Tour To West, South, Littoral, Centre Regions

The Presidential candidate of the Cameroon National citizens movement CNCM, Prophet Frankline Ndifor Afanwi undertook a marathon tour in at least three regions of Cameroon where he visited over 10 localities.

In the West, South, Centre and Littoral regions, the youngest presidential candidate and prophet of the Kingship International Ministries carried out proximity campaigns and held public rallies during which he unveiled his plans for a new Cameroon.

Prophet Frankline Ndifor Afanwi told the population of Newbell that the CPDM can not be entrusted another 7-year mandate when he did nothing to develop Cameroon for over 35 years.

Prophet Frank urged incumbent Paul Biya to retire, adding that his long stay in power has been a mockery on the national and international scene.

Prophet Frankline Ndifor Afanwi believes he can improve the living standard of the people by providing basic social amenities like portable water, electricity and introducing a mechanized system of agriculture.

Prophet Frankline Ndifor Afanwi Will begins campaign tour in Maroua tomorrow.

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