SDF Bamuso electoral district scribe resigns, decries exaggerated corruption

Balemba George Sona has resigned from the Social Democratic Front (SDF).The former district secretary of the SDF in Bamuso electoral district in Ndian division South West region of Cameroon laments that the SDF has today become a corrupt political family where militants scheme to satisfy personal interest rather than seeking to meet the aspirations of Cameroonians.

In his resignation letter signed Tuesday, July 7, 2020, Balemba George Sona says “the political party no longer serves the interest of the people. We are too divided, too corrupt and too out of touch with Cameroonians”.

The former militant of the SDF recounts how he officially joined the SDF in 2010 with hope and determination to serve Cameroonians within a political party that has the interest of Cameroonians at heart. Ten years after, he feels disappointed.

In a telephone interview with Mimi Mefo Info, he regrets why the SDF went in for the municipal and legislative elections in 2019 when its stronghold (Anglophone regions) was in flames and blood as a result of war of independence.

After what he calls “catastrophe results”, SDF has lost contacts with its militants.

Reacting to the resignation of the SDF secretary for Bamuso electoral district,Social Democratic Front (SDF) communication officer number 1 says it is a nonevent.

According to Denis Nkemlemo, “The supposed resignantion of a mere district secretary is a nonevent in the SDF. AS people join freely, they can equally leave freely”.

Denis Nkemlemo however disagrees with Balemba George Sona on the point that SDF is no longer working for the interest of Cameroonians.

“What I can say emphatically as a lie is his claim that the party no longer defends the options for which it was created”.

To the communication secretary of the SDF, the former militant of the SDF resigning today has demonstrated ignorance of the position he held by writing that he was the “secretary general of Bamuso electoral district”.

To Denis Nkemlemo,SDF has just one secretary general and not secretaries general.

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