“SDF is a political grandfather in Cameroon” Kejang Henry Atembe

Militants and sympathisers of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party are reflecting on the political road covered so far since the creation of the party on the 26th of May 1990.
“SDF is a grass root political party that has branches throughout Cameroon and beyond. This is a political party that lives the daily difficulties of Camaeroonians and proposes solutions” says Kejang Henry Atembe, third National Deputy Communication Secretary of the party.

Observing the 30th anniversary of the party headed by Ni John Fru Ndi Tuesday May 26th 2020, SDF is preaching the message of resilience, courage and endurance. Being socialists by their political stand, Kejang Henry Atembe says “we are one another’s keeper”.

As concerns the health crisis plaguing the world and Cameroon, the today 30 year party is calling on all to join the fight against coronavirus pandemic. The Chairman of the SDF in an interview with Mimi Mefo this week condemned government’s handling of coronavirsus pandemic. Ni John Fru Ndi posits that some members of government are taking advantage of the ugly health situation to enrich themselves.

SDF today counts five parliamentarians at the National Assembly. A number political commentators say represents nothing when it comes to decision making at the National Assembly that depends mostly on the numerical strength of political parties, an assertion the third Deputy Communication Secretary of the party debunks.

According to Kejang Henry Atembe, “The SDF can boost of having five MPs.The issue is not the number. This is because quantitative analysis sometimes is very deceitful. What matters is the qualitative analysis that you give to a situation. We have most often have more than 20 MPs. But the prevailing circumstances that the country is going through and because of political articulation at the time, the SDF could not actually win more seats. But we focus on the strength, ideology and what the party stands for in Cameroon”.

Questioned on what will become of the SDF in the next five years, Kejang Henry is optimistic that the party will continue to wax strong and will never boycott elections. “SDF at thirty years is a matured political party. So, SDF is a political grandfather to many political parties in Cameroon. We will continue to give Cameroonians the hope they so desire since 1990.”

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