SDF MPs unceremoniously return to parliament

Members of parliament of the Social Democratic Front SDF party media reports state have returned to parliament despite an earlier decision by party hierarchy to boycott the session.

This is despite the fact that the opposition party has not officially declared its MPs are returning to the house.

Their reason for returning they say, is to partake in bills beneficial for the Cameroon people.

Talking to The Guardian Post newspaper, SDF National Communication Secretary, Denis Nkemlemo confirmed the return, but said the party’s interest right now is the February 9 twin election, explaining that submitting its files “is no guarantee that the SDF will partake in the elections.

The party in a recent press conference in Yaounde reiterated that it won’t partake in the elections if nothing significant is done about the Anglophone Crisis by government.

The party’s MPs decision is however being ridiculed by many who say their return is mainly for the financial benefits they’ll get.

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