Security agents vow to disrupt activities at Banana Plantation in Penja

Security workers of the Plantation Haute Penja, PHP in the town of Penja Moungo Division of the Littoral region have vowed to continue disrupting work at the Enterprise if nothing is done to resolve their grievances.

In a protest demonstration today, the tens of workers blocked the entry way to the enterprise paralysing activities throughout, as no other workers were allowed access into the company premises.

With placards and chanting, the security workers decry what they call an abuse of their work contract by the company management.

“we signed an indefinite employment contract with company management, but to surprise of everyone, they got up a morning and decided to sack us, terminating the contract with out prior notification” a striking worker said.

They also indicated that the companies decision to terminate has not been backed by financial compensation, and they consider that as abusive.
Their action did not also paralyzed company activities but, hampered circulation on the National road No5.

They say they will continue with the strike action if a convincing reaction fails to come from management.

Management of PHP is yet to react officiant to the accusations of the striking workers

Plantation Haute Panda PHP is a multinational corporation owned by foreigners.

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