Sen. Kemende Henry says “NO” to national dialogue sensitization team.

Senator Henry Kemende from the North West region of Cameroon has turned down an appointment into a committee of post national dialogue sensitization team.The law maker of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) has told Mimi Mefo Info “…I am a senator and my place is at the senate to debate and adopt laws. I am waiting for the tabling of bills in connection to recommendations of the major national dialogue. I cannot move around my division in the name of sensitizing people on what was discussed at the national dialogue”.The fire brand senator laments that neither the Prime minister Dr. Dion Ngute Joseph who appointed him to the committee nor his secretary consulted him prior to the appointment. “I only discovered my name on the list of those to go for sensitization in Ngokentunjia division in the North West on the social media”.Senator Kemende wonders aloud how on earth he can participate in the sensitization of what was discussed at the national dialogue when “… I did not even attend the national dialogue”.Questioned if threats of an attack on members of the committee by Ambazonian fighters has anything to do with his decision not to be part of the team, the senator vehemently said no. To him, if threats of the boys were anything to go by then he would have long resigned from the senate.Members of post national dialogue sensitization team for the North West region of Cameroon launched their activities in Bamenda over the weekend.

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