Social Democratic Front backtracks, says it is set to run for twin elections in 2020

The Social Democratic Front ( SDF) will participate at the February 9th 2020 municipal and parliamentary elections in Cameroon.

SDF communication secretary number 1, has told Mimi Mefo Info in a telephone interview Wednesday November 13th 2019, it will be taking part in the twin polls.

“…the situation has evolved, so too is the position of my political party”. Says Denis Nkemlemo, one of SDF Communication Secretary.

“… SDF has been privy that government is to deposit some important bills at the national assembly that are to the interest of the people. Thus we have to be there to deliberate “. Nkemlemo says.

It is on this basis that SDF has equally “defied” an earlier decision taken in the month of August in Douala. In a decision dated, August 11 2019, it said the party will not run for any election until the situation in the North West and South West regions was resolved.

Denise Nkemlemo adds that the “quick reversal of the decision not to boycott elections will permit interested potential candidates for municipal and legislative elections to compile and deposit their documents before November 25th deadline”.

SDF has earlier resolved not to run for election saying the insecurity in the anglophone regions will not quarantee a free and fair elections. This explains why the law makers of the party boycotted the opening session of parliament yesterday Tuesday.

Mimi Mefo Info.

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