Soldiers Ferry Nso Fon To Safety

The Fon of Nso, in Kumbo, Bui Division North West region of Cameroon,His Royal Majesty Sehm
Mbinglo, has been taken to
safety by soldiers after he was said to have
been tortured by men believed to be loyal to
The evacuation, which was done via a military chopper Tuesday, came days after two
sons of the traditional ruler were killed by gunmen in one day.

Reports say he and his sons had been kidnapped last Friday by the gunmen. All of them
were reportedly subjected to torture before the
two boys were eventually shot dead.
While it is not clear where he has been evacuated to, many are also speculating that he
may have been taken to a health facility for
medical treatment as well as psycho-social
support following the trauma suffered in the
past days.
Fon Sehm Mbinglo, was on December 1st 2018, kidnapped alongside seven members of his advisory council by suspected Ambazonian fighters and taken to an unknown destination.
They were however released two days after, (December 3rd).
Kumbo has been rocked by skirmishes, amid burning of several houses and killings.
Sources in Kumbo, have said the military was behind the burning of tens of houses, which rendered several families homeless and forced oothers to take refuge in bushes.
Calm is still to return to Kumbo.

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