Suspected amba boys kidnap Babessi Mayor, four councilors

Suspected Separatist fighters in Babessi have abducted the Mayor of the Babessi council, Issa Chou and at least 4 councillors.

The abduction is purportedly intended to disrupt the February twin elections.

Mayor Issa Chou was picked up along side a handful of his councilors on January 5, 2020 under the instructions of a separatist fighter fondly called “General man pass man of the Babessi Restoration forces”.

The Mayor of Babessi dearly loved by the population of the Babessi council, has spearheaded developmental projects that has fostered the growth of the municipality .

His wit, sacrifice and commitment to the development of his municipality has earned him alot of admiration .

However, he has been repeatedly accused by some elites of the locality in the likes of Senator Chafah Issac of Bangolan for having a soft spot for the pro-independence fighters.

It should be recalled that the mayor has been kidnapped several times by the separatist fighters, and severely tortured .

This time around, he was kidnapped in his refugee abode and despite the sympathy demonstrated by inhabitants of Mambim, he and others captors are still in captivity.

‘When I learned of his kidnap, I tried reaching out to him on phone to no avail” said Momoh Dero, an eliteof Babessi.

“For now, the community has turned to in God for his release” he added.

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