The government of Cameroon is responsible for the natural disaster in Bafoussam – Paddy Asanga.

Paddy Asanga has blamed the government of Cameroon for last night’s deadly landslide in Bafoussam, West region of Cameroon.

To the socio political critic, the landslide shows the failure of government policy on where and where not Cameroonians should construct their houses. He regrets that people swept away by landslide at Ngwashe quarter at Bafoussam 3 sub division all obtained building permits from the administration before constructing in the area. To him, the government of Cameroon is not proactive else the disaster would have been prevented.

On Equinoxe Television’s 6pm English News Tuesday October 29th 2019, Paddy Asanga stated that it is needless for the minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji to visit the site of the landslide when his government is responsible for the deads in the disaster.

“There is no need for a politician like Atanga Nji to go to Bafoussam. What is he going to do there? I expect to see the Minister of Environment and Protection of Nature that has something to do with natural disaster ” he adds.

To him, Paul Atanga Nji and other members of government are the causes of problems experienced in Cameroon today.

The outspoken critic has called for the release of leaders of the coffin revolution by the government of Cameroon saying these are the people that can talk to fighters to drop their arms.

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