The SchoolFAQs comes to the assistance of students

Competitive Entrance Examination candidates now have a wealth of study material including past question booklets at their disposal.

Made available by the SchoolFAQs (, students from all over the country are now able to acquire any past question booklet (with all solutions) of any entrance exam they desire all at the price of 1,200FCFA.

In addition to the durability of the material thanks to its digital format, purchasing from the SchoolFAQs Shop is relatively
cheap and enables students to study on the go.

This too makes life easy for people who already have jobs or have very busy schedules and won’t be able to carry a printed booklet around limiting their freedom of study.

Easy to use, the site is available to persons of all age groups due to its simplicity.

Other SchoolFAQs services

Built from scratch by Muluh MG Godson, Ndifon Desmond and Ncham Joseph, students of the University of Bamenda, it also offers free services such as Career Orientation, Academic Orientation and Exam Orientation.

The SchoolFAQs Shop also gives a unique opportunity to authors and writers who don’t have enough funds to publish hard copies by offering merchant space through which they can sell digital copies of their work.

Try SchoolFAQs and you won’t regret it.

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