Wazizi’s death is continuation of government’s acts of repression, brutality, killings – Elvis Ndansi

Obama Scholar at Columbia University, New York, Elvis Ndansi has joined the global outcry over the death of Samuel Wazizi.

Describing him as a young ambitious journalist, he says the judges in the case “have their hands soiled in this matter.”

Government action, he adds, shows the hatred and disrespect and oppression that is being shown to Anglophones in Cameroon by some francophones, a gesture he adds is comparable only to the over 400 years of racism and brutality which the blacks suffer in America.

“I know of Francophones whose ears cannot stand the echoes of the voice of an Anglophone! Some of them hate us with passion yet they pretend to be our brothers. There are some good ones and loving people among them though!” He testifies.

Wazizi’s death Elis Ndansi says “is just a continuation of systemic acts of oppression, brutality, and killings in which the perpetrators are even rewarded!”

Soldiers, he adds, act with impunity, an action that has landed many innocent Anglophones in detention centres nationwide.

He says: “Some in higher office even call us rats! When I read their comments of Facebook, I hear them say things like “we shall wipe out those idiots”!”

Despite cries for justice, the Obama scholar opines that it keeps getting worse. “… For how long shall we keep demanding justice from the same one who oppresses us? What kind of justice are we even demanding? From who? How?” He asks.

Ndansi also revisits the Ngarbuh massacre aftermath questioning what justice was served to its perpetrators.

“Have they sentenced the victims of the Ngabur killings? Did you ever see them? They called some names and that was all! Have they sentenced those who murdered the nurses (husband and pregnant wife) in Mbengwi? How long shall we continue to cry and beg for justice? Don’t we have an option?”

His resolve: “Even if justice is not delivered, those who killed Wazizi will never see good! God above is not dead!”

Elvis Ndansi is one of several others to react to the torture and murder of Wazizi.

Though government insists it is not responsible for his demise, journalists, his lawyers and family say there is more to the story than government admits.

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