West Region: Pig eats up two-month-old baby in Bafou

There is mourning in Bafou following the killing of a two month old kid by a pig.
The beast entered the house wherein the baby was asleep and devoured the baby while the mother of the child was doing the child’s laundry.

The unbelievable incident happened some few days ago in Bafou, Menoua Division, West region. The stray pig ventured into the house of the victim and ate up a two-month-old baby who had been laid to sleep by the mother.

According to some sources familiar with the incident, the baby was asleep in the bedroom while the mother was outside doing laundry but then opted to bring the baby closer to where she was for proper supervision. “It is then that she took the child from the bedroom and laid him in a basin then kept the child in the parlour while she washed dresses on the veranda.

The grave mistake that had been made by the mother of the baby was not completely closing the backdoor to the house,” he narrated.

“It was through the back door that the pig had access into the parlour where no one but the sleeping baby was found. The pig then started devouring the baby beginning from the child’s head. By the time the mother of the baby got to discover what had happened, the child’s head had been completely devoured by the pig. The animal was caught and killed but it was already too late as the child had already passed away.”

The Zemlah quarter where the incident took place is in total shock at what had happened. Many are in total disbelief, opining this could be something far more than the physical could explain.

The 20-year-old mother of the dead child remained inconsolable after what might be the most unfortunate of the incidents to have happened in the Bafou area.

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