Where is Wazizi’s corpse? Family lawyers helpless?

Where is the corpse of journalist Samuel Wazizi?.

This is the question the family of the deceased broadcaster has been asking government and begging for an answer since June 5, 2020 when the Ministry of Defense in Cameroon announced that Samuel Wazizi died of “severe sepsis” and not severe torture on the 17th of August 2019.

Henry Wazizi, journalist Samuel Wazizi’s elder brother say they remain inconsolable and helpless.

In a telephone interview with Mimi Mefo Info, he said “We have not been told anything about the corpse of my brother. We have talked with his lawyers but there is no way forward.We are Africans and not properly burying a relative can be a bad omen. We want the corpse of our brother who was unjustly killed while in detention in Yaounde”.

To the family of Wazizi, government denied Samuel Wazizi his right of fair judgment and are still keeping the corpse.

On the legal phase, lawyers defending the case of Samuel Wazizi are counting on two options.

To Barrister Edward Lyonga, one of the defending lawyers “We will in the days ahead file another case at the Buea High Court demanding the government to make available the body of Wazizi. Besides that, we understand that President Paul Biya equally promised an investigation into the matter.We want him to fulfill his promise for the corpse of the journalist to be given to his family for a proper burial”.

Earlier, defending lawyers expressed regrets that unknown individuals have been threatening their lives for defending the diseased journalist.

Samuel Wazizi was arrested in Muea-Buea in August 2019 and taken to Yaounde on accusation of collaborating with separatist fighters in the South West region.

According the Cameroon Ministry of Defense, Wazizi was a logistic officer for over three non-state fighters (ambazonia) camps in Fako division.

Allegations the pidgin news broadcaster denied at the Muea police station where he was detained for a few days before he was taken to Yaounde.

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