Yaounde private school teachers accuse principal of ending classes early to avoid paying them

Teachers of Saint Benedict Catholic Bilingual College in Yaounde have raised worries over a decision by their principal to suspend classes.

The principal, teachers say failed to pay them salaries in March as instructed by government. They believe his recent decision to end classes is so that he doesn’t have to spend a dime of state subvention for private schools on them.

“Now schools have resumed and the President has assisted the private sector with 6.5 Billion FCFA and extended exam dates for all classes. At the time the money is coming in this instead when he wants students and teachers to go back home and wait till the GCE” states a disgruntled teacher.

“This is a reference school in Cameroon with qualified teachers but very hungry and poorly treated” he adds.

The reaction comes after the principal of the institution put up a notice announcing that theoretical classes in the school end on the 26th of June 2020.

“Parents and government officials should hear this!” the disgruntled teacher remarks.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Cameroon, several private school teachers across the country have raised their voices against their employers, citing several rights violations.

Despite being ordered by the Prime Minister to pay salaries for the months of March, many school owners defied the instruction with some citing financial constraints.

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