Youth Leader Contests Biya’s 500.000 Jobs Creation Figure

The validity of president Paul Biya’s announcement of haven created 500.000 jobs for Cameroonian youths in 2019 remains a subject of debate.

Addressing youths on the 10th of February 2020 to mark the 54th edition of national Youth day,president Paul Biya prides himself that the government was on a right track towards addressing unemployment issue in Cameroon.

According to Nkengafack Ernest; divisional President of Cameroon Youth Council for Lebialem and continental president of African Patriotic Youth Council Movement (APYCM) there is every reason to doubt the statistics presented to the world by president Paul Biya.

“I don’t have statistics of job creation in Cameroon last year but when you see the number of Cameroonians roaming the streets without something to do, you won’t easily believe that 500.000 jobs were created in 2019 without any significant impact.” To him, the figures have been exaggerated.

“What the president failed to mention is the thousand of jobs lost last year in the North West and South West regions. The Cameroon Development Cooperation CDC is partly shut down. This means many have been rendered jobless “.

To a militant of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement political party, the President may have gotten the statistics from those who sell commercial motorcycles in Cameroon. To him, that is the only sector were jobless young people get “a job”.

As concerns the high level of delinquency in youths, the president attributes that on the consumption of drugs. He calls on parents, teachers and members of government to double their efforts and stamp out the practice of drugs consumption.

In the domain of security, president Paul Biya makes yet another call for young people fighting against the state of Cameroon in the North West and South West regions to lay their arms.

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