37 asylum seekers deported from Nigeria to appear at military court

Some 37 Cameroon asylum seekers airlifted from Nigeria in 2017 and deported to Cameroon are expected to appear before the Yaounde Military Court on Thursday December 5, 2019.

Most of the inmates who are youths, are facing series of charges, ranging from Terrorism, Acts of Terrorism, Secession, and non-possession of National Identification Cards.

The action has been described by legal minds as outright “violation of their basic human rights” as the accused were being held incommunicado for over one year.

They are being held at the Kondengui maximum prison after their transfer from the National Gendarmerie Headquarters, SED in Yaoundé.

“They have this far been denied access to sunlight, medical care and Counsel even as they are tortured on a daily basis” a report states.

Thursday’s appearance is expected to be the 3rd court session for the 37 asylum seekers.

They are
1) TitaTebid (alias Congressman)
2) Bame Emmanuel
3) Fon Stanley
4) Kituh Ezihk
5) John Nwah
6) Wirdzenyuy Leonard
7) Yuven Emmanuel
8) Anifaka Kiven
9) Mohamnadou Rabbio
10) Ngoran Emile
11) Ngoran Pius
12) Lukong Abduraman
14) Nsoye Ignatius
15) Kideze Telson
16) Damian Bongben
17) Sekeh Moligan
18) Penue Thierry
19) Voma Romanus
20) Nwanyam Clovis
21) Amahdou Hassan
22) Longtum Wilfred
24) Amos Bintar
25) Frankline Emia
26) Nab Chris
27) Bonyuy Joseph
28) Fonyuy Elvis
29) Zachariao Nsavdzenyuy
30) Adonis Martin
31) Ashime Brown
32) Nyuyke Ernest
33) Edwin Dubila
34) Casius Lenzomo
35) Nyente Boris
36) Tukov Divine
37) Edward Sal

The case is a similar one to that of Ambazonia leader Ayuk Table and others who were brought from Nigeria, tried and given life sentences with heavy fines.

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