Soldiers Employ “Amba Tactics” In Lebialem

Soldiers are now blocking roads in M’muock Fosimondi and demanding money from commuters, a local has told Mimi Mefo info.

“I am writing to you from M’muock Fosimondi in the Lebialem Division. I have been hearing of the Amba boys blocking roads as defensive tactic but now in our area, it is the military who are doing so,” the local says.

The concerned local adds that: “There are two roads one can use to enter or exit the village to the nearby town of Dschang, one which passes through the Military post. There, the military block the other entry because they want all bikes and vehicles to pass through their post where they will forcefully collect the sum of FCFA 2,000 to FCFA10,000 from each driver. Nobody have a voice because once you say a word, you’re an Amba boy.”

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