Over a dozen political parties, groups call for political transition in Cameroon

At least 12 political parties, associations and groups have called for a political transition as a solution to the various problems the country is facing.This was during a walk in Douala that had in participation members of the MP3 political party, CPP, PAP, UPC, MANIDEM, and Associations such as Un monde Avenir, Cameroon O’Bosso, West Cameroon Movement for Change (WCMC) UK, Droit O Droit, Patriotic Diaspora, and Energie Citoyenne all under the canopy of the Movement for Stand up for Cameroon.Organisers say, the walk carried out around the Bali neighborhood in Douala on Friday 29th November, had as aim “to say No to Elections come 9th February 2020 and Yes to political transition”.In a workshop organised as part of activities for the transition call, Joshua Monoji a CDC worker shared with the population some of the challenges he like several others in the Anglophone regions are facing as a result of the crisis.Some of the reasons advanced by these parties and groups against the election are the Anglophone crisis and the non revision of the electoral code.To them, there should also be a road map for the transition of power in Cameroon. The protest comes at a time when other parties like the MRC have pulled out of the elections, with the SDF threatening to do same if government fails to take action on the crisis.

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