Bafoussam: Married Woman Dies During Intercourse In A Hotel, Lover Arrested

The lifeless body of a married woman has been removed from a hotel room in Bazou, Nde Division of the West region of Cameroon.

Sources in the hotel say the lady died during a sexual intercourse with her lover, a boy who came to Cameroon from Germany.

Married and resident in Douala with her husband, the deceased told her husband and family members that she was traveling for a funeral in Yaounde, but instead took off for the west region for an appointment with “the lover boy”, family sources told Mimi Mefo info.

Mbatchou Hotel sources say the two paid a room, and were having fun when the lady unfortunately died.

The ‘bush faller’ boyfriend then attempted to escape when he was intercepted by hotel security guards, and handed to the National Gendarmerie.
Reports say He is currently being detained in Bazou , while the corpse of the lady has been transferred to the Baganté District hospital mortuary.

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