“85% of news about me in Cameroon is false” French ambassador to Cameroon

The French ambassador to Cameroon, Christophe Guilhou has responded to accusations levied against him regarding his role in the country’s political sphere.

Speaking to the media at the French consulate in the economic capital about a petition that was given to French government for him to be removed from Cameroon, he warned that not all said concerning his activities are truthful.

“These activists say that I have become the mouthpiece of president Paul Biya. I have been accused of editing videos to deceive public opinion” he said.

“A petition has been sent to the French president Emmanuel Macron asking him to recall me back to France as soon as possible. I am accused of things that I have neither done nor said. 85% of news concerning me in Cameroon is false” he added.

The recent accusations against the diplomat come after a number of appearances he’s made at the unity palace since rumours of the President’s disappearance started circulating early this year.

The Ambassodor has been receiving blows on behalf of France which is being accused of trying to get a replacement for 86-year-old President Biya.


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