UN launches investigations against staff for alleged sexual misconduct

The United Nations has launched a sexual misconduct probe into some of its staff in Tel Aviv in Israel. The probe was launched after an incriminating car video emerged and made waves all over social media.

The 18 second video filmed at night from a building besides a busy roadside shows a lady in red and a man in a UN owned car being overly intimate at the back seat. Another man is equally seated at the front seat with a driver who unfortunately could not be seen in the video.

The UN has widely condemned such immoral actions and has sought to distance itself from it through an official statement: “The behaviour seen in the video is abhorrent and goes against everything that we stand for” a statement was released.

The spokesperson of the UN, Stephane Dujarric told the UN Humanitarian that the world body was Shocked and deeply disturbed by what is seen on the video. The spokesperson also revealed that the identification of the individuals on the video is almost complete.
By identifying the landmarks and comparing the video with the image of the street, it was definitively determined that the video was taken on Ha Yarkon street in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Reading from the number plate of the car in question, it appears to belong to the United Nation’s Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO) a UN body which was originally founded in 1948 to monitor a ceasefire around the time of the establishment of the state of Israel.
The UN has over the years struggled to deal with cases of sexual misconduct amongst its staff. It has set various strict rules to stamp out sexual immorality including a complete ban on its staff on paying for sex.

The UN in 2019 investigated over 170 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by its own staff and soldiers serving in its peacekeeping operations around the world.


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