After being held incommunicado for nearly two years: ‘Taraba 37’ begin appearing at Yaounde Military tribunal

Some 37 Southern Cameroons refugees, fundly referred to as “the Taraba 37” arrested in Taraba state in Nigeria and later handed over to Cameroonian authorities by the Nigerian government on 25th January 2018 have been charged to the Yaounde Military tribunal.

This comes after about two years in detention awaiting trial.

Their first appearance in court alongside three other Anglophones arrested in Cameroon within the context of the ongoing Anglophone crisis was on Friday 11th October 2019.

Charges brought against them which range from terrorism, secession and non possession of identity cards were read out , we gathered.

When they (the taraba 37) left the dreaded SED(Secretariat of State for Defense) detention centre in Cameroon on 4th January 2019 and taken to the military tribunal ,We are told they were due to appear in court on 6th February 2019, in a session which didn’t hold for reasons unknown.

The three other Anglophones charged alongside “the taraba 37” (amongst them are two, Ambam Louis Ambam and Nuwyo Isaac who were arrested in the South-west region and the other, Ivo Njom Agwe arrested in Monte’ Jouvence in Yaounde, centre region of Cameroon) are also standing trial on terrorism-related charges which attract a death penalty.

The Friday court session which was mainly marked by the reading out charges facing “the 37” and the three others was adjourned to 21st October 2019.

It should be noted the 37 persons who were jointly extradited to Cameroon alongside Ayuk Tabe and Co presently serving a life sentence at the Yaounde Kondengui prison.

Below is the list of all those were sentenced by the court.

1) TitaTebid (Congressman)
2) Bame Emmanuel
3) Fon Stanley
4) Katat Ezikiel
5) John Nwah
6) Wirdzenyuy Leonard
7) Yuven Emmanuel
8) Anifaka Kiven
9) Mohamnadou Rabbio
10) Ngoran Emile
11) Ngoran Pius
12) Lukong Abduraman
14) Nsoye Ignatius
15) Kideze Telson
16) Damian Bongben
17) Sekeh Moligan
18) Penue Thierry
19) Voma Romanus
20) Nwanyam Clovis
21) Amahdou Hassan
22) Longtum Wilfred
24) Amos Bintar
25) Frankline Emia
26) Nabsinyuy Christian
27) Bonyuy Joseph
28) Fonyuy Elvis
29) Zachariao Nsavdzenyuy
30) Adonis Martin
31) Ashime Brown
32) Nyuyke Ernest
33) Edwin Dubila
34) Casius Lenzomo
35) Nyente Boris
36) Tukov Divine
37) Sallah Edmond

By Beng Humphrey Fang

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