After drama at national dialogue: Real identify of supposed ex- Amba fighter from Nkambe revealed

In the euphoria of the organization of major national dialogue in Yaounde from the 30th of September to the 4th of October 2019, over forty persons including boys and girls were presented by authorities in Cameroon as former Ambazonia fighters that voluntarily laid down their arms to embrace normal life.

The spectacle through which the “ex- fighters” were presented; that is presenting them in groups of between five and fifteen each day throughout the course of the five days event has raised more questions than answers on their real identity.

At the Yaounde Conference Centre, a boy in his early 30s presented himself as Che Divine, an ex- fighter from Nkambe, Donga Mantung division of the North West region of Cameroon.

Presenting himself to the press on the instructions of the spokesperson of the national dialogue, George Ewane on Thursday the 3rd of October, Che Divine stated in tears “… I am Che Divine, an ex- fighter from Nkambe, Donga Mantung division. The government abandoned us so the Diaspora brainwashed us to fight for our rights. We made a mistake and we want the government to forgive us. We thank Ta’a Nformi Ngala Gerald, our section president and the governor of the North West for ensuring our escape from the Amba camp…”.

From this, Che Divine presented himself as an ex-fighter that has seen all odds while fighting the regular army for the restoration of Ambazonia statehood.

Kwalar Marvin turned Che Divine?
“Kwalar Marvin has never been an Ambazonia fighter and therefore has no right to present himself as an ex- fighter” a source who has opted not to be named because of security reasons told Mimi Mefo Info.

To the source “… the boy who presented himself as Che Divine has as his real name Kwalar Marvin. He is a commercial motorcycle rider that was transporting people from Nkambe to Abunshie in Ako sub division. In the course of his activity, he had an issue with the divisional officer of Nkambe over a girl. That is how he was arrested and taken to the gendarmerie heaquaters known in its French acronym as SED in Yaounde for detention”

Kwalla Marvin now Divine appeared in a viral video secret shot in a bunker in 2017 at SED, where detainees of the Anglophone crisis were kept

He presented himself at the major National dialogue Divine Che

“Following the torture he went through in the course of his detention in a bunker at SED, he started acting as a spy for the regime against fellow detainees. To use him more against his people, government smuggled Kwalar Marvin out of the prison on the pretext that he was sick.

While in the hospital, they framed his escape and that is how he fled to Nigeria”added the source.
Reliable sources say the name of Kwalar Marvin was only included on the list of 289 Anglophones released in December 2018 following a presidential decree for formalities when he had long be released.

To further illustrate Kwalar Marvin’s detention at SED, he is in a short video shot by the detainees in a bunker and sent out to decry the inhuman detention condition they were subjected to (a video MMI has a copy of).

A source in Nkambe has told Mimi Mefo Info that before having issues with the DO of Nkambe, Marvin was hunted by restoration forces in Donga Mantung division on accusations of him being a black leg and an informant to the government.

Just as Kwalar Marvin turned Che Divine, many critics in Cameroon have doubted the real identity of boys and girls presented as ex amba fighters.

At the end of the national dialogue in Yaounde on the 4th of October, a local reporter who covered the event posted on his facebook page how one of the ex amba fighters called Yanick Kawa Kawa refered him to find out the real identity of those presented as ex fighters from politicians saying he was not a politician.

Groups of boys and girls continue presenting themselves as ex fighters in Cameroon with many finding it difficult to trust the government on that.

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