Pandemonium in Sangmélima as machetes-wielding boys go on rampage

Several shops and warehouses in the locality of Sangmélima in the Dja and Lobo Division of the South region have been attacked and goods looted by a mob.

The shops were attacked by a group of young men who are said to be protesting the killing of commercial motorbike rider.

Local sources say the angry youth went violent after the arrest of a man from the Noun division of the West region in connection with the killing of one of their friends, a commercial motor bike rider.

Learning of the apprehension of the suspect, the angry youth reportedly stormed the Sangmélima gendarmerie post apparently to carry out mob Justice, but were prevented from doing so by elements of the forces of law and order.

A curious crowd gather at Sangmélima, South region.

We gathered that the armed young men then left the detention facility and began targeting shops and businesses belonging to persons of Noun origin.

They are said to have broken into shops looting goods, according to local sources.
A defensive move from victims, we learnt has resulted in a bloody confrontation which is said to be extending to other parts of the town of Sangmélima.

The situation has reportedly created general panic across Sangmélima as shops owners are locking up.

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