After his release, Kamto says the fight has just started

Released alongside other members of the MRC that were jailed following post electoral protests, Maurice Kamto says his fight against injustice in Cameroon is still beginning.

Addressing the press and supporters after his release, the MRC leader said it was thanks to the pressure from them that he and others had regained their freedom. “If today we are free … It is because you supported us” he said.

The stage is ripe he explained, for a change in the country.

“It is a political fight and with me it will always be done in peace … We will restore change in Cameroon peacefully” he assured the excited crowd.

This he went on, “opens a new chapter in our fight … If anyone thinks our freedom is the end of our fight then he hasn’t understood yet”.

The choice for the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cameroon, for a viable electoral system that permits citizens chose their leaders in a free and fair process Kamto said, rests on his supporters. “I’m counting on you to make it work” he stated.

“We should know why we fight and we should be resistant … If you know why we fight, no matter how long the fight lasts you’ll be resistant” he ended.

Kamto’s release comes as one of other concessions made by the Head of State following the National Dialogue. While some say the release is as a result of intense closed door negotiations, some MRC party militants say there were no negotiations.

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