After Ngarbuh Massacre, US Diplomat Calls On ICC To Investigate President Biya

The international community has continued to mount pressure on the Yaounde government calling on it to conduct an independent investigation and ensure that killers of women and babies in Ngarbuh, North West region of Cameroon are brought to book.

Former Ambassador, Assistant Secretary of State, Herman Cohen has challenged the International Criminal Court to investigate the Paul Biya regime for crimes against humanity.

Cohen has been closely following happenings in Cameroon and has on several occasions criticized the government of rights violations in the troubled regions, calling for genuine dialogue.

“In the wake of this massacre of civilian women and children in Northwest Cameroon’s Ntumbo-Ngarbuh quarter, I call on the International Criminal Court to investigate Paul Biya’s regime for crimes against humanity” the diplomat wrote on Twitter.

This is not the first time Cohen has spoken up against excesses in the ongoing crisis that has left over three thousand dead.

Herman Jay “Hank” Cohen served as United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1989 to 1993. He has been instrumental in resolving several conflicts including in Angola and Mozambique.

Over 36 were killed in the February 14 massacre in Ngarbuh village, Donga Mantung division of the North West region.


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