Amba Boys Kill One Soldier, Bike Rider In Penda Mboko Attack

A bike rider and an element of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, have died following a shootout between soldiers and suspected Ambazonian fighters, at the security control unit in Penda Mboko.

The incident early Sunday August 4, 2019 left surrounding residents panic-stricken.
Our source said the Amba boys who were involved in the attack came from Fako Division.
“One military and one okada man down this morning in Penda Mboko. They were killed by amba boys from Muyuka,” a source told Mimi Mefo info.

Penda Mboko is located in the Moungo Division of the Littoral Region and also links that part of the Region to the South West through Muyuka, Kumba and Tiko.

This is not the first time an attack is reported in the area.

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