Ambazonia Military Force refuses to drop arms, promises to intensify struggle

The Ambazonia Military Force, AMF has in a response to the Head of State’s call for National Dialogue said, they will under no circumstances drop their weapons.

In a release on social media, the AMF emphasized it’s stance, stating that President Biya withdraws all forces from the North West and South West regions.

It also called for the release of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and all others arrested due to tje raging conflict in the Anglophone regions. It’s armed fighters it added will remain resolute and focused on their cause.

“We urge the civilian population to remain calm but vigilant” the release reads.

Members of AMF

This recent pledge it should be recalled comes barely days after the AMF had in a separate document named it’s own spokespersons. It also recognized and endorsed close to thirty others as Generals.

Following the announcement of a grand National Dialogue, civil society organisations and political parties have been stating propositions regarding the terms and conditions under which it should be held. The most common of the demands so far have been the unconditional release of those arrested in connection to the crisis as well as their active participation in the dialogue process.

With these latest developments, many have expressed fears that the expected national dialogue may not be all inclusive if these demands are not met, limiting its outcomes.

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