37-year-old Cameroonian migrant goes missing en route to Italy

Cameroon migrant, Taka Roger Nchang is reported missing in an attempt to get to Italy through Libya like several other migrants.

The family of Taka Roger Nchang has for some time now been carrying out a search for their brother and father who went missing five years ago after he took the the perilous journey for greener pastures.

The 1.70 m tall and dark in complexion man and father of two hails from Santa Subdivision in the North West Region and can express himself in English and his language of origin, pinyin.
“We have not heard from him since then, no call. We don’t even know anyone he left with,” said a relative who is worried about what may have happened to Taka.

The family of Taka Roger says he had worked as a contractor in Equatorial Guinea between 2008 and 2010.

He would later go missing in 2014 in an attempt to travel to Italy through Libya as he has since not been heard from.

“Anyone with a hint on his possible whereabouts or any other information that can be used to get to him should contact the number +237 672912123 or get in touch with Hot Cocoa or Afrique Nouvelle Radio Stations in Bamenda,” the relative who is still having hope of the brother’s safe return added.

Such a happening is not the first of its kind as several Africans and Cameroonians in particular have met their demise while attempting to seek greener pastures through the Libyan migrant route.

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