Ambazonian fighters at daggers drawn as infighting rocks camps

The fight for the restoration of the statehood of Ambazonia seems to have hit the rocks in the last few weeks with renewed infighting said to be “weakening the struggle”.

Things seem to be falling apart within the group of Amba boys fighting for the restoration of Southern Cameroons’ heralded independence.

After a bloody period of what has been described as an in-house killing spree on the night of January 19, 2020 in Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon which led to the killing of at least 30 ADF fighters by the Bui warriors, there have been accusations and counter accusations of who is responsible for the incident.

According to Amabo Cecilia of the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF), “a total of 23 fighters were killed. It was a mixed contingent of ADF and sister forces”.
She confirms to Mimi Mefo Info that the killings were carried out by Bui Warriors in the North West Region. “We are still investigating the facts but as long as standing policy is concern, those responsible whether in pulling the trigger or giving orders from the diaspora will be held responsible for their acts,” she adds in a firm and furious tone.

Amabo Cecilia says the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) is a national army trained to fight the enemy which is the Cameroon government and not fellow fighters of Ambazonia.
While glorifying the ADF, she adds that the forces have what it takes “to sweep out those who attacked them but they did not because they are trained to fight the enemy”.

On the other hand, Dr. Lucas Ayaba Cho of Ambazonia Governing Council has stated that Bui Warriors should not be blamed for the attack.
To him, they acted in self defence giving that ADF invaded their area of command without prior notification. He says “After Menchum, Mezam and Lebialem, Bui was the next anti-election prep.The dark forces from within ambushed forces. I am on top of it” he said to his thousands of followers on Facebook.

Reacting to the tension, Dr. Samuel Sako, President of the Ambazonian Interim Government which is manning the “Bui Warriors” cautions all fighters in the various divisions in the North West and South West not to be manipulated.
He explains the setbacks of fighting in the course of the struggle. While expressing condolences to bereaved families, he calls for reconciliation. In a release issued on 24th January 2020.

In a release reacting to the current situation, the Ambazonian Self Defence Council, ASC says the Bui incident is an indicator of the ever growing need for a unified force.

“We must strive to minimize internal misunderstanding and by coming together under a united front in order to better confront our common enemy: La Republique du Cameroun” it states.

The ASC also proposes some ground rules to foster unity including increased communication between ground fighting units and discipline and professionalism among fighters.

Sunday, General Chacha whose elements “arrested and killed” his ADF compatriots was mercilessly killed by Cameroon’s security forces. Reliable sources said the Ambazonian camp in kikaikom was invaded was invaded early Sunday by the military. “General Chacha’s and his boys were overwhelmed by the heavy military presence, he was captured, tired behind the military vehicle and pulled on rough grown, that is how he died,” the source said, adding that it left many in Kumbo in shock. The debate and infighting have ensued even after Chacha’s killing and burial.

The days ahead appear to be pregnant…

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