First case of deadly coronavirus tested in Africa

Barely days after the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, health officials in Ivory Coast say they are dealing with a possible case.

According to the BBC, the symptoms were tested in an unnamed student, who returned to the West African country from Beijing on Saturday. A similar case was reportedly tested in Canada health officials in the country said.

For the mean time, he is still undergoing further tests after showing flu-like symptoms.

The virus reports say has spread to over 2000 and has killed close to 60 already.

Health officials in Wuhan, China where the virus was first tested say they are putting in place more measures to contain it, though almost running out of testing kit.

Other nations have since been tightening health checks on travellers in a bid to ensure that the virus does not spread to their own nations.

While health officials in China are doing their best to contain the virus, there are fears a full outbreak in Africa and other under developed nations will not be easy to contain and may take away more lives.

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