Anglophone Crisis Strikes Catholic Church Again: Claretian Missionary Abducted In Kikaikom, Kumbo, Diocese

The parishioners of Kikaikom Parish in the Kumbo Diocese of the North West Region of Cameroon almost went without Mass this Sunday following the abduction of their priest. Fr. Dieudonne Bomye CMF was kidnapped a few days ago together with another priest, whose name Mimi Mefo Info has only been able to confirm as ‘Fr. Francis’.

Fr. Francis, who is a Nigerian National, was released soon afterwards, while Fr. Dieudonne has been held captive.
Reliable sources from Kumbo have just told Mimi Mefo Info that he was only released last night Saturday August 10, 2019.

Fr. Dieudonne, who hails from Kumbo, is a Claretian Missionary, of the Cameroon Province, who attended seminary in Nigeria. Saturday August 10 2019, was the 7th Anniversary of the Ordination of Father Dieudonne, Mimi Mefo Info has learnt.

Father Dieudonne

It is still unclear why the priests were kidnapped, but it is alleged that that the act was carried out by a faction of Ambazonian Separatist fighters, ‘The Bui Warriors’, who are unhappy with one of the sermons the Catholic prelate preached in the local church, calling for an end to violence.

The person responsible for communications for the Bui Warriors, who resides in the United Kingdom, was contacted for comments but is yet to react.

The Catholic Diocese of Kumbo has been very discrete about the kidnap. This could be because of a couple of reasons. First, they have been victims of two previous kidnap cases where a Reverend Sister and another priest were abducted. Secondly, it could be because Fr. Dieudonne and Francis, though working in Kumbo Diocese, are Claretian Missionaries, and so are technically the responsibility of the Claretian Superiors.

It will be recalled that another Claretian Missionary, Fr. Jude-Thaddeus Langeh CMF and four others were kidnapped on 2th November 2018, in Muyenge, in the South West Region and were later released after ransom had allegedly been paid.

Missionaries who are constantly being targeted are quoted to have said, they do not have money and so are unable to meet any ransom demands.

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