“Hands Down On Democracy: Secrets Of A State Plot Against Maurice Kamto” Authored By Boris Bertolt

The arrest of Maurice Kamto and allies is actually the culmination of a long plot that can be described as Hands Down on Democracy, as their arrest is not only the violation of their constitutional rights, but an abuse to democracy, says Boris BERTOLT in his recent book that traces the thorny and pitfall journey of Maurice Kamto.
It recounts the intimidation and threats that have marked the ascent of Maurice Kamto and his party, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement CRM opposition political party which in less than a decade has become the dominant alternative to the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM.

Boris Bertolt says Maurice Kamto, an intellectual of international standing, policed, and former member of government, committed to give renaissance to Cameroon, has together with over 100 of his supporters been detained since January 2019, for wanting to democratically exercise their constitutional rights.

Boris Bertolt traced the arrests of Maurice Kamto and his allies in January this year, painting the picture of how over 200 of them were bundled up and deported to Yaounde under inhumane conditions, in flagrant violation of human rights and the constitution.

“On January 28, 2019, Maurice Kamto Christian Penda Ekoka, Albert Dzongang and nearly 80 people were arrested in Douala, two day after a peaceful nationwide protest demonstration against electoral hold up, contesting the victory of Paul Biya in the October 7th 2018 presidential election’.

After an inside exposure of plot, the process and the repercussions of the crackdown on Professor Maurice Kamto, his CRM party supporters and members of his winnings alliance, Boris Bertolt concluded that the arrest of Kamto is actually the culmination of a long plot that could be called: Cameroon-Hands Down on Democracy

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