ASC denounces killing of warder, promises investigation

The Ambazonia Self Defense Council, ASC has renounced the killing of Florence Ayafor, a prison warder in Bamenda. “The torture and murder of Mrs. Florence Ayafor” it says “are inhumane, unacceptable and does not reflect
the values of the future and free Ambazonia we fight to build.”

In a press release over the weekend, the ASC went on to State similar gruesome killings in the English speaking regions of the country, accusing the military of being behind them.

“One significant action is the use of former prisoners, recruitment of mercenaries from nearby countries, and the set up of vigilante groups by the military of Cameroon” the ASC noted. It also went on to State that Territorial Administration Minister, Atanga Nji and General Agha Robinson are the brains behind some of the groups commiting the acts.

“Despite these challenges and murky environments, the ASC is launching an investigation into the torture and murder of Mrs. Florence Ayafor and the findings will determine the next course of
appropriate action, when and where possible” the release read.

Separatist fighters in the Anglophone regions it should be recalled have been accused several times of commiting grave rights abuses including torture and murder. Days back in the North West region, a 17 year old girl was kidnapped by armed men suspected to be separatist fighters, demanding the sum of 500.000FCFA be paid as ransom for her release.

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