At least one dead in a tense Thursday in Bamenda

One person has been reported dead and two others injured as separatist fighters battled with military men at “Travelers Quarter” in Bamenda Thursday, July 30th 2020.

The victim, Cosmos MMI is reliably informed, worked at a carpentry shop. Sources say he was shot right inside the shop as he his from soldiers when the gun battle started.

A witness and inhabitant of the quarter talking to Mimi Mefo Info says ” we were in the house and suddenly we heard gunshots. We had to close the doors and hide under the bed. The sound was really deafening as the shooting was just around our compound”

In another location still in Bamenda, there were gunshots at “Cow Boy Junction Ngomgham”. Daily activities shut down abruptly as people sought for hiding places.

Other sources have equally stated that there was shooting at Nkwen Mile 4 quarter causing enormous panic.

Shooting in Bamenda at any time of the day is becoming an unfortunate normal as the military and separatist fighters constantly battle for control of the town.

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