Stringent measures set for Muslim feast of sacrifice

Muslim feast of Sacrifice: stringent conditions for celebration.

The celebration of the feast of sacrifice by Muslim faithful in Cameroon Friday, July 31st 2020 will be different from previous editions.

As Cameroon grapple to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic with over 17.000 positive cases, Muslim faithfuls say they won’t jeopardise the health of Cameroonians while celebrating the feast of the ram.

In a communique from the Islamic Cultural Association of Cameroon read on national radio 3:00 pm English News Thursday, July 30th, the association says Muslims should pray in their respective mosques with not more than 50 people in a mosque at a time. The prayer session will not be more than twenty minutes. Besides this, other COVID 19 preventive measures like washing of hands with soap before entering the mosque, wearing of face mask and the respect of social distancing remain obligatory.

Children of less than 15 years and women have been advised by the Islamic Cultural Association of Cameroon to pray at home as a means to reduce crowd.

Away from respecting measures in the mosques, the association calls on faithful to avoid popular celebrations at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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