Bamenda Abandoned To Decay: Bamenda-Babadjou Road In Ruins, City Stings In Waste…

Bamenda has been described as an abandoned town due to the bad nature of the road from Babadjou to Bamenda town and its environs.
This situation has further been aggravated by the poor management of waste in the city of Bamenda. Almost all the streets in Bamenda are littered with waste and the smell from it is so unpleasant to the people living or doing business in such places. The health of locals may well be in danger, according to experts.

Difficulties of commuters in Bamenda

The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Nji Ndumu denied requests for comments while officials at the hygiene and sanitation company, Hysacam, complained of not receiving money from the Bamenda City Council.
They also advanced other reasons like the bad roads which damage their trucks, and deepening Anglophone crisis which they say has hindered their activities as some areas used to dispose waste are inaccessible.

Bamenda is thus decaying with no hope in sight.

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