Yves Michel Fotso Evacuated To Morocco For Medical Attention

The former general manager of the defunct Cameroon Airline Company (CAMAIR) has been evacuated to Morocco for medical attention.
According to information published on the Facebook page of an online news site in Cameroon, Le TGV de L’Info, Sunday August 18, 2019, Yves Michel Fotso’s health situation has deteriorated in prison of recent thereby prompting President Paul Biya to authorize his evacuation.

It remains a guarded secret what the son of one of Cameroon’s billionaires Fotso Victor could be suffering from.
Yves Michel Fotso has been in prison for the past nine years. In 2012, he was sentenced to twenty five years in prison on the case of the purchase of a presidential plane. Four years after, he was sentenced for the second time for poor management at the helm of CAMAIR where he served as general manager from 2000 to 2003.

Observers in Cameroon say they are several other persons imprisoned for the embezzlement of state funds or managerial lapses while in office that are experiencing poor health, yet have been denied authorization from the administration to get intense medical assistance out of Cameroon.

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