Bamenda Archbishop Revises COVID-19 Measures, asks Churches to Resume Mass

The Bamenda Archdiocese in Cameroon’s North West Region is taking the fight against the coronavirus to another dimension.

On Thursday May 21st, Archbishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea announced new safety guidelines to curb further spread of the pandemic. After a review of the old measures, he says Sunday and daily masses can now resume.

This however will not be done in disrespect of basic prevention measures like the wearing of face masks, he says.

“Everyone must observe social distancing during celebrations including priests offertory and communion. Thus, not more than three persons are allowed per bench and we must skip one bench” he instructed.

Putting in place other regulations such as the reception of the holy communion, Archbishop Nkea says “every church, oratory and chapel must be disinfected before the next mass… All holy water vessels at the entrance of churches, oratories and chapels must remain sealed.”

“We all want to worship and move free but we must stay alive and healthy in order to do so” he adds.

When government relaxed earlier measures taken against COVID-19, it failed to make mention of churches though night clubs, bars and restaurants in the country were permitted to operate fully again.

Most churches have since taken the initiative to operate while respecting preventive measures against the virus.

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