Cameroon: COVID-19 cases near 4500, 156 deaths recorded

Cameroon like many other nations has been releasing its grip on some COVID-19 containment measures. In addition to permitting bars, restaurants and night clubs to function as usual, schools resume in the days ahead for end of course exam and University students.

While this signifies progress, the figures tell a different story. Cameroon’s health Ministry on Thursday announced that the number of coronavirus cases stands at 4288 after 528 new cases were recorded in 24 hours.

It also revealed that 156 deaths have been recorded as a result of the virus.

Addressing the nation on May 19th, at the eve of Cameroon’s National Day, President Paul Biya said the health system was ready.

He however admitted that battling the virus is “complex and difficult”.

“Our health system is mobilised to combat this terrible disease,” Paul Biya said in a rare eve of May 20th address.

Cameroon remains one of Africa’s most affected countries since the pandemic broke out over two months ago.

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